In Geneva, discover our dream moments, these moments we look forward to and which we promise to fully appreciate!

Getaway to Geneva’s wine-growing region

Taking a bike ride or a stroll in a unique landscape of vineyards stretching along the lakeside and stopping along the way to meet local winegrowers will certainly delight pleasure-seekers. Did you know that Geneva is the third largest winegrowing region in Switzerland?

Its very diverse soil allows for varied production and gives rise to bouquets whose secret is kept by the grapes themselves. Immersing yourself into Geneva’s wine-growing landscape will help you get to know the city better than ever.

Geneva vineyard
At the heart of the World Wide Web

March 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist working at CERN in Geneva, presented a proposal to his boss. His idea: developing a new way of connecting people and sharing information via the Internet.

And do you know what?

The project was the starting point for the development of websites and led to what we now know as the “world wide web”!

Get a taste of the future with a visit to CERN, a must for the region!


Unique museums in the world

Geneva houses four venues that will delight the most knowledgeable as well as the most curious.

Visit four museums as different as they are unique, icons of a city that is both a peace laboratory, a cultural centre and the birthplace of watchmaking. Exciting guided tours take you to the heart of Geneva’s fascinating history, featuring objects whose secrets are well guarded.

Find out what they are!

Geneva museums
Stroll along the water

Water, this appeasing element, lies at the heart of the city of Geneva. The lake’s two shores each offer, in their own way, some superb hikes and bike rides, with views of the lake and the mountains.

On the Perle du Lac side, you see Mont-Blanc in the distance with the impressive Jet d’Eau in the foreground.

On the Jet d’Eau side, you can admire the Jura mountains outlined in the background behind the United Nations complex that overlooks the lake. The Rhone, which winds its way to France, has its source in Geneva too, in Caribbean-coloured waters that delight bathers in the summer.

Geneva Moments